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Pilates for Life Owner Marlene Reynolds’ Journey: Her Commitment to Pilates and How it Changed Her Life

Marlene's Interest in Pilates

Marlene's interest in Pilates was sparked while recovering from a back injury; two herniated discs and a chronic hip condition left her unable to walk without the assistance of a walker. Through extensive Physical Therapy, she was able to gain enough mobility to begin a Pilates mat class. The process was slow, but through Pilates she gained an increased awareness of her body and how it should move. The transformation was life changing: within six months she knew that continuing with Pilates classes was and would continue to be a driving force in her life.

Marlene Reynolds

Giving Back: Marlene’s Commitment to Sharing Pilates with Others

Marlene wondered, “If I can move forward and make these changes, can I teach others to do the same?” She was fortunate that her instructor was trained by renowned Pilates instructor, Romana Kryzanowske and she had experienced the best that Pilates had to offer.

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Committed to her new passion, Marlene embarked on a training regime to prepare for her audition for the Romana's Pilates Apprenticeship. Being selected is a high honor and Marlene was grateful that her passion for teaching Pilates classes was rewarded with acceptance. After completing a rigorous 900 hour program, Marlene was certified as a Level 5 Pilates instructor in July of 2005. This certification–combined with a commitment to continuing education–ensures all clients of Pilates for Life are receiving the highest quality instruction tailored to their individual needs and abilities.

Marlene's Pilates Teaching Style

Marlene's teaching style is reflective of her own personal journey. Anyone at any fitness level, no matter the age or injury, can benefit from Pilates if they have a desire and willingness to change. The Pilates system of corrective exercises (as founder Joe Pilates called them) stand on their own. They also have the ability to change how we use our bodies in a profound way. You will find that you remind yourself–whether it be on the golf course or driving in the car–to draw your stomach up and in, to drop your shoulders and straighten your back. Before you know it, just like Marlene, Pilates becomes a part of all your life activities and becomes… Pilates For Life!

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