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Shoreline Pilates Studio

: Pilates Group Classes and Private Instruction

All Pilates for Life classes focus on the Six principles of Traditional Pilates:

Concentration, Centering, Control, Precision, Breath and Flow

In addition, all Pilates for Life classes focus on the Five aspects of the mind:

Intelligence, Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory

You begin Pilates by finding your center and engaging your powerhouse, which are your deep core muscles. Your mind must be fully engaged–allowing you to concentrate and enabling you to work with precision and control. Learning proper breathing techniques helps energize the body with the goal focused on creating a sense of flow and rhythm linking one exercise to the next.

Pilates Matwork Classes

“An individual workout in a group setting”.

The Pilates mat class series follows Joseph Pilates’ original sequence of exercises to provide you with core strength, flexibility, better alignment, balance, and proper breathing techniques. By following Joseph Pilates’ progression, you feel how one exercise builds on the next. Pilates exercises consist of low reps so the quality of each repetition becomes very important. Over time the intensity of each Pilates mat exercise increases as you develop a deeper understanding of your body and of your core strength. If your mind is engaged and focused there is the element of balance, creating a body that is strong yet supple and flexible. Pilates leaves the mind and body feeling energized! To add variety the magic circle, light arm weights, thera-bands and foam rollers are also employed.

Shoreline Pilates Studio
Pilates Matwork Classes Pilates Matwork

Pilates Small Barrel Classes:

Small Barrel Classes

The series of traditional Pilates mat class exercises is taken to a new level by performing them on the Small Barrel. The Small Barrel allows clients to open tight chest muscles and tight hip flexors–two of the most common complaints–while at the same time feeling supported and allowing for a deeper experience of strengthening the core and opening the low back.

Pilates Small Barrel Classes: Pilates Small Barrel

Pilates Small Barrel Class sizes are limited and pre-registration is required.

Pilates Private Small Barrel Class Instruction by appointment. Initial lesson includes assessment and consultation:Please allow 1 hour 15 minutes"

Pilates Private Equipment Instruction

Private Equipment Instruction

Private instruction offers the ultimate traditional Pilates experience. A customized one hour Pilates private equipment session is tailored to meet your individual goals, while respecting any limitations or injuries you may have. There are over 500 exercises that can be performed on the apparatus. The addition of springs for resistance allows for deeper strength and stretch as you perform the exercises.


Pilates for Life is proud to offer Gratz Pilates equipment exclusively. Gratz Industries manufactures Pilates equipment according to Joseph Pilates’ original designs. The quality of construction and materials, combined with the exacting standards set forth by Joseph Pilates, help clients receive the full benefit of their workout.


Pilates for Life studio is equipped with the Universal Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Arm Chair, Large Barrel, Spine Corrector, Foot Corrector, and Small Barrel.

Pilates Private Equipment Instruction Pilates Equipment Instruction

Pilates Private Equipment Instruction by appointment.
Initial lesson includes assessment and consultation: Please allow 1 hour 15 minutes.

If you live or work along the CT shoreline or in the lower Connecticut River Valley, Pilates for Life is the

Shoreline Pilates Studio

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Pilates For Life, 26A Saybrook Road, Essex, CT 06426

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